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Reliable, consistent supply and delivery to wholesale distributors is Hollywood Oyster Company’s primary business.


All of us at Hollywood Oyster appreciate the many professional and personal relationships with our distributor partners. We are long term supplier partners. And we pride ourselves on building working relationships based on consistency and reliability, with our distributors.


Please let us know if you are interested in distributing our brands; we will provide you with pricing, delivery schedules and routing options as well as custom information.

Why Join Our Team?

We’re Consistent and Reliable

We are an experienced oyster farm with a reliable year round supply, consistent cull and frequent shipping. So there’s never a hassle in getting product fresh to your doorstep!



We live and breathe as supplier partners, and we love visiting you and when you visit the farm, too!



We tell it like it is, work hard and are proud of our products. We’re reverent or irreverent; depending.



Hollywood Oyster Company is one of the largest oyster farms in Maryland whose leases and operations are in the vicinity of Hogs Neck Creek, Patuxent River, Hollywood, MD,

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E: distributorinquiries@Hollywoodoyster.com
P: 301-710-6396 x1

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